Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Fitness Evaluation

Happy Tuesday Fitness Fam,

Today's topic is Summer Fitness Evaluation.  Many of us have set fitness goals for the summer and may have been deligent about sticking to them at the beginning of summer.  But how has your progress been since those first couple of weeks?  Are you still just as motivated to stay fit and healthy?  Have you fallen off the wagon because you got so caught up with taking the kids to summer camps and travelling? 

Well it's ok.  You still technically have a little over a month left of summer and you can still finish strong on your summer fitness goals. 

If you have fallen off the wagon, ask yourself what happen?  And don't just answer in your head.  Write down why you think you have slipped up a bit.  Everyone's reasons will be different due to your different lifestyles and circumstances.  But be honest with yourself.  The more honest you are with yourself the more you can effectively make some tweeks in your routine to achieve your goals for the summer. 

And don't beat yourself up for not being perfect either.  No one is.  We're all human.  I even slipped up this summer on my fitness goals.  I was taking some classes and got so caught up on the difficult coursework that my trips to zumba class had practically become non-existent.  But that was just a temporary set back.  And healthy lifestyle isn't just about temporary moments of health.  It's how we fair overall.  And for our summer goals let's see how we faired overall.  We all can still do well even if slipped up a bit. 

Also, so you can stay motivated, write down what you have achieved to get closer to your summer fitness goals.  In fact, we would love to hear about it so leave your achievements in the comment box or email us your achievements to chicagoherbshop@gmail.com.

So stay positive Fitness Fam.  Stay healthy Fitness Fam. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

We're back at it again

Hello Fitness Fam,

I know...I know, we've been missing in action for a while.  But don't worry we're back at it again.  We will keep you updated on healthy food, health news and you can always update us on your progress towards your fitness goals.

Keep it healthy!