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October Health Class

Hey everyone,

The next check-in is tomorrow.  Have you been keeping up with the positivity in your lives?


Monday, October 1, 2012

October Health Class

Personal Health Class
October 2012 Assignment

Positivity Partners (spiritual health)

Our first assignment to earn your best HEALTH GRADE is to find a Positivity Partner. You will have to be accountable to this person and the same for them. This person will help motivate you, give you that quick kick in the butt, and be there with kind and encouraging words.


Step 1:

Find someone who is ready and willing to improve and earn a great HEALTH GRADE.
--This person can be a parent, a sibling, a best friend, a co-worker, etc.

Step 2:

Set up a schedule to chat (verbally) with this person daily for 5-10 minutes, preferably in the morning. For this assignment it’s best to talk to the person in the morning. For future assignments, the optimum time of the day may vary.

Step 3:

Get a small journal, something small enough to carry on you throughout the day. It’s just for jotting down quick notes. If you want to write an essay that’s up to you, but you may want to keep a separate journal for that.

--The first entry in the Positivity Journal should have:

~Your name, the start date of the assignment (Oct 1, 2012), list your personal spiritual goal(s):

~These goals can be: happiness, success, inner peace, better relationships, more energy, etc.

Get going on this assignment
1) Every MORNING journal 5 positive things. They can be anything you want, things that happened already or things that you wish to happen.

2) Call your Positivity Partner and tell him/her those 5 positive things. He/she should do the same with you.

3) Say how great your day is going to be and wish the same for your Positivity Partner.

4) After your chat, journal how you feel in that moment. Keep the Positivity Journal with you all day. You can glance at it if you are feeling down or write more positive things that happened to you that day. *Note* after a while you may have a noticeably greater number of positive things going on in your life than before. It may be more than the 5 things you share with your Positivity Partner, so it may not be easy to pick the top 5.

5) At the end of October, you should have 155 positive things to share in your Positivity Journal and pages full of positive feelings, changes, and experiences.

6) On the following check-in dates, write in your journal the changes you have noticed in yourself and your Positivity Partner. Each date send a brief email with the changes to me at to be counted for your grade.

a. Oct 5

b. Oct 15

c. Oct 20

d. Oct 25

e. Oct 31