Monday, August 27, 2012

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Are your children ready for the new school year?

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

14-day CleanStart Cleanse -- Day 3

It's day 3 of my CleanStart cleanse.  It's going quite smoothly right now.  The effects of the cleanse aren't as intense--yet. It's still early in the morning 9am.  I'm still a little tired.  I don't know if it's because of the clean house feeling I mentioned yesterday or just tired from long days and exciting nights (well just long nights watching the Olympics).  


I'm pretty simple and predictable when it comes to breakfast.  Not to mention I'm not all that conscious in the morning to get all fancy so eggs, whole wheat toast, and pears again.  Of course I had my cleanse drink mix and packet of capsules 30 minutes before breakfast.  Oh and of course I forgot to mention I've been drinking plenty of water.  I drink at least half my body weight in ounces.  Gotta stay hydrated especially when doing a cleanse and in this Chicago heat.

How I felt...

Today was a pretty chill day as far as the effects of the cleanse.  Nothing to get me jumping out of my seat at work flailing down to the bathroom to the first available stall.  No nothing like that lol!  That clean house feeling was starting to wear off a little.  I did feel more of an urge to eat before my usual lunch time.  Thank God my boss brought a variety of fruit and bagels!  Going to the bathroom today was quite smooth and very thorough.  Though I eat a healthy diet most of the time (hey! I'm not perfect...I'm human.  I like a burger and fries every now and again.), I could tell this cleanse was really getting a lot of the waste out that may have just been building up over time.  It has been a while since my last cleanse.  And being back in school with those stresses can really take a toll on my digestive system.


So since I had fruit and bagels to snack on lunch came a little later but it's cool.  Eating more often, but smaller portions throughout the day is better for you.  Lunch was great.  Leftovers from last nights stuffed bell peppers.  What a way to save money and eat healthy!  Dinner was great and healthy.  Home made quesadillas with whole wheat tortillas, ground turkey, tomatoes, onions, and little cheese, re-fried beans, and guacamole (a source of good fats from avocados).  I took the cleanse about 10 minutes before dinner because I didn't realize how quickly the quesadillas would be ready.  I know for next time.  

How I felt...

Going to the bathroom was pretty easy for the evening.  I could definitely feel cleaned out and that I had a lot of waste and mucus come out.  Then I fell asleep on the couch...I think the drizzling rain got to me.  That and my workout may have made me a little sleepy.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

14-Day CleanStart Cleanse -- Day 2

Day 2 started off a little intense.  I woke up this morning with the urge to go to the bathroom.  There wasn't any cramping or anything just the feeling of a very efficient bowel movement about to come.  Despite the myths I was not in the bathroom all morning.  I may have been in there 5 minutes longer than usual but it was smooth. 

I took the drink mix and packet of capsules before I cooked breakfast.  That would give me enough time to let the cleanse settle before I ate breakfast.  Breakfast was light, whole wheat toast with grape jelly, scrambled eggs and pears. 

How I felt...
I didn't feel any reactions to the cleanse until about 10am when I was at work.  It was a little intense but still quite smooth.  I knew what to expect and just allowed myself the extra few minutes in the bathroom.

There wasn't anything special about lunch or dinner (green been and chicken soup kind of thing, and bell peppers stuffed with brown rice, shrimp, and mixed veggies).

How I felt...
I felt pretty good.  I would have to say I had about 4-5 bowel movements throughout the day.  Just before I would go to the bathroom I would feel a bit of pressure in my abdomen but not much. I did have the clean house feeling throughout the day.  I call it that because I felt a little out of it.  There was a little congestion and some sneezing throughout the day, but not much.  Just as when you clean house you have to move furniture around to dust and vacuum.  Sometimes you kick up dust and that causes you to sneeze and it takes a little while to get the room reorganized.  Well the cleanse is doing the same thing in my colon. It's removing waste and may be kicking up toxins as it pushes it out the body.  But it'll pass soon.

So off to bed I go. :) 10 more days

Monday, August 6, 2012

14-day CleanStart Cleanse -- DAY 1

I decided to do a cleanse starting today. This isn't my first time on this rodeo but I chose to record my experiences for those who have never done a cleanse before to ease your fears of doing one.  I try to cleanse 2-3 times a year, sort of like when you get an oil change for your car.  I'm doing the CleanStart program, a 14-day cleansing product that I carry in my business as a Natural Health Consultant, Chicago Herb Shop. I have used this product several times before and love the results.  It is easy and convenient. I have to take the contents of one packet of capsules (just 3 capsules) and one drink mix that contains fiber just before breakfast and dinner.


Body Cleanse Kit | CleanStart CleanStart 

Normally, I wouldn't start my cleanse on a Monday.  I usually have my weekends free or lighter than my weekdays so I would start on a Friday, but this past weekend I had a wedding to attend and had to go out of town.  So I suggest whenever you start your cleanse to start the day before your 2 easiest days of the week.  For most people that would be Saturday and Sunday.  Therefore you would start on Friday to give your body a chance to adjust to the herbs in the cleanse.  Don't worry.  You WON'T be stuck on the toilet for 48 hours.  It's just an adjustment period and it's best to give yourself some wiggle room to adjust.  Not to mention how fast the herbs take affect on your body differs from person to person.  Usually after day 2 or 3 your body has adjusted, your bowels are more regular and manageable, and you coast until day 14.  Your bowels will be very smooth and substantial.   


Day 1


I took the contents of the CleanStart Apple Cinnamon this morning about 30 minutes before I ate breakfast.  I mixed the drink mix with apple juice because I just really like how it enhances the flavor.  I had to drink it fast because the fiber supplement in the mix causes the drink to thicken up over time like corn starch does when it gets warm. In that 30 minutes I cooked some eggs and turkey sausage.  That was my breakfast with a tall glass of water.  It wasn't a lot, maybe because I was tired or it was hot.  But anyway it was a good healthy start to my day. 

How I feel...

The effects of the cleanse haven't started yet.  I might feel something tonight after dinner.


So I didn't time it right to take the CleanStart 30 minutes before dinner but it was close enough. My mother cooked dinner tonight.  It was a dish with brown rice, broccoli, cauliflower, green bell peppers, onions, beef, and seasoned with a little seasoned salt, and black pepper.  

How I feel...

After dinner I started to feel the effects of the CleanStart. It's nothing major and I did not spend the rest of the evening on the toilet.  In fact, there is no pain or cramping or uncomfortable feeling.  I can just feel everything starting to move around a bit more, kind of like when you have gas.  Looking forward to how I'll feel in the morning.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


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