Tuesday, August 7, 2012

14-Day CleanStart Cleanse -- Day 2

Day 2 started off a little intense.  I woke up this morning with the urge to go to the bathroom.  There wasn't any cramping or anything just the feeling of a very efficient bowel movement about to come.  Despite the myths I was not in the bathroom all morning.  I may have been in there 5 minutes longer than usual but it was smooth. 

I took the drink mix and packet of capsules before I cooked breakfast.  That would give me enough time to let the cleanse settle before I ate breakfast.  Breakfast was light, whole wheat toast with grape jelly, scrambled eggs and pears. 

How I felt...
I didn't feel any reactions to the cleanse until about 10am when I was at work.  It was a little intense but still quite smooth.  I knew what to expect and just allowed myself the extra few minutes in the bathroom.

There wasn't anything special about lunch or dinner (green been and chicken soup kind of thing, and bell peppers stuffed with brown rice, shrimp, and mixed veggies).

How I felt...
I felt pretty good.  I would have to say I had about 4-5 bowel movements throughout the day.  Just before I would go to the bathroom I would feel a bit of pressure in my abdomen but not much. I did have the clean house feeling throughout the day.  I call it that because I felt a little out of it.  There was a little congestion and some sneezing throughout the day, but not much.  Just as when you clean house you have to move furniture around to dust and vacuum.  Sometimes you kick up dust and that causes you to sneeze and it takes a little while to get the room reorganized.  Well the cleanse is doing the same thing in my colon. It's removing waste and may be kicking up toxins as it pushes it out the body.  But it'll pass soon.

So off to bed I go. :) 10 more days