Weight for Water Challenge

We have just finished 6 weeks of the Weight for Water Challenge.  Below is the progress of our participants for this first session.  They still have 6 more weeks to go.  On average, weight loss is 2 pounds per week, which is gradual and healthy.  Our participants are real, and life is real so their stats reflect the effects of real life affecting their progress.  Nevertheless, they pick themselves back up and are consistently improving to reach the overall goal to drink more water and lose weight.

Water Tracker
The first week of the Weight for Water Challenge went well. Week 2 is almost done and we're expected great results with our participants. Interested in participating in the next session. Go to www.weightforwaterchallenge.eventbrite.com for more details.

Join the HOTTEST challenge in the nation to lose weight, increase your metabolism, clear your skin, decrease cramps and sprains, overcome fatigue, be more productive and alert, improve your immune system, and more!

Register today for the Weight for Water Challenge program to take advantage of:

  • All the benefits water has to offer 
  • The personal consulting and advise from Natural Health Consultants and Coaches Veronica Jenkins and Kathleen Jenkins
  • Monitoring and assessments to assist your on your journey when you hit road blocks

THIRD SESSION starts SOON!  Stay tuned for details.

Weight for Water Challenge FIRST SESSION started Jan 1 and is in full swing.  

Registration fee:  $35

For more info contact Veronica or Kathleen at chicagoherbshop@gmail.com