"When I drink standard energy drinks, it feels like the hulk is trying to escape from my chest.  But I tried Solstic Energy after being very, very tired durning a period of working 12-hour shifts for 3 straight weeks.  I really didn't think it was going to change too much, but it actually rejuvenated me without giving me a hyper feeling or the jitters.  I don't think that rejuvenation is possible with standard energy drinks."  Chris J., 25 years old

Solstic Revive for Exercise & Energy
"It tastes like watermelon...It tastes like strawberry.  It's good I like it!  It's not going to make me like hyper.  It kind of tastes like candy." John C., 11 years old

Nutri-burn Vanilla for Weight Loss
"I like it a lot! I add bananas :-) I have lost 3 pounds since I started the meal replacement :-)"  Healthier meals and free cardio class twice  
a week helps too. ~Erika G.

IF-C For Inflammation
"I ordered 2 of the Chinese herbs if-c. I have problems with my achilles tendons and when it's really bad it hurts to walk. but when I take the herbs regularly-pain free! They go quickly so I ordered 2 bottles. " ~Risha A.

Dear Chicago Herb Shop,
I have been shaving my face and cutting and lining my hair  for quite a while yet never experienced such a great finish. Using silver shield gel was one of the most relaxing experiences my face, head, and neck have ever felt. It kept my skin looking great and feeling smooth for hours after my shave. It did all this without the annoying burn on my lining or face which irritated me greatly about my other aftershave lotions and after haircut solutions. I would recommend this to anyone who shaves their own face or cuts and lines their own hair. I need to get this to the next barber I trust. Thank you Chicago Herb Shop.
Sincerely, Howard F.

Dieter's Cleanse product is very gentle, yet effective. Liquid
vitamin delivers immediate benefits, and my daughter loves the chewable immune boost. ~Ayana H.

Silver Shield Gel works!!  It cleared up my Athlete's Foot in no time.  Thanks Chicago Herb Shop and Nature's Sunshine.  It's like it's completely healing now.  ~Henry W.