Are you or a friend looking for a way to stay fit this summer?  And wouldn't it be great if it was free?  Well S.T.E.P.S. Chicago is FREE!  

Come to a fun filled fitness session where all you need is a bottle of water, comfy shoes and a positive open outlook for your health.

Join us at one of 3 locations:

Meyering Park        Cole Park        Tuley Park
71st/Calumet            85th/King         90th/King
Tue 6:30pm             Mon 4pm          Wed 6:30pm
Wed 4pm                 Thu 6:30pm      Thu 4pm

Hey there Fitness Fam we have a new program for people on the South Side of Chicago.  This is a way for you to get fit for free and it's coming to a neighborhood near you.  Also you'll get some great health tips.  Stay tuned for info posted on Saturday, June 9th for locations and times to meet.  


We've renamed the Success Story Saturday page to our FitnessFam page.  Leave your comments, tips, and questions on this page about how you stay fit. 

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The FITNESSFAM Accomplishments

"‎28 miles last week! :) " ~Barbara M.

"I played some of the fitness games on my Wii Fit" ~Veronica J.

"Hey my accomplishment. Walked at least 3.5 miles everyday this week. I'm down 1lb! ;)" ~Barbara M.

"I had lunch w/my colleagues and had grilled food instead of fried :-)" ~Erika G.

"Drank more water" ~Nia W.