Monday, August 6, 2012

14-day CleanStart Cleanse -- DAY 1

I decided to do a cleanse starting today. This isn't my first time on this rodeo but I chose to record my experiences for those who have never done a cleanse before to ease your fears of doing one.  I try to cleanse 2-3 times a year, sort of like when you get an oil change for your car.  I'm doing the CleanStart program, a 14-day cleansing product that I carry in my business as a Natural Health Consultant, Chicago Herb Shop. I have used this product several times before and love the results.  It is easy and convenient. I have to take the contents of one packet of capsules (just 3 capsules) and one drink mix that contains fiber just before breakfast and dinner.


Body Cleanse Kit | CleanStart CleanStart 

Normally, I wouldn't start my cleanse on a Monday.  I usually have my weekends free or lighter than my weekdays so I would start on a Friday, but this past weekend I had a wedding to attend and had to go out of town.  So I suggest whenever you start your cleanse to start the day before your 2 easiest days of the week.  For most people that would be Saturday and Sunday.  Therefore you would start on Friday to give your body a chance to adjust to the herbs in the cleanse.  Don't worry.  You WON'T be stuck on the toilet for 48 hours.  It's just an adjustment period and it's best to give yourself some wiggle room to adjust.  Not to mention how fast the herbs take affect on your body differs from person to person.  Usually after day 2 or 3 your body has adjusted, your bowels are more regular and manageable, and you coast until day 14.  Your bowels will be very smooth and substantial.   


Day 1


I took the contents of the CleanStart Apple Cinnamon this morning about 30 minutes before I ate breakfast.  I mixed the drink mix with apple juice because I just really like how it enhances the flavor.  I had to drink it fast because the fiber supplement in the mix causes the drink to thicken up over time like corn starch does when it gets warm. In that 30 minutes I cooked some eggs and turkey sausage.  That was my breakfast with a tall glass of water.  It wasn't a lot, maybe because I was tired or it was hot.  But anyway it was a good healthy start to my day. 

How I feel...

The effects of the cleanse haven't started yet.  I might feel something tonight after dinner.


So I didn't time it right to take the CleanStart 30 minutes before dinner but it was close enough. My mother cooked dinner tonight.  It was a dish with brown rice, broccoli, cauliflower, green bell peppers, onions, beef, and seasoned with a little seasoned salt, and black pepper.  

How I feel...

After dinner I started to feel the effects of the CleanStart. It's nothing major and I did not spend the rest of the evening on the toilet.  In fact, there is no pain or cramping or uncomfortable feeling.  I can just feel everything starting to move around a bit more, kind of like when you have gas.  Looking forward to how I'll feel in the morning.