Saturday, February 5, 2011

Respiratory Health and Link to Garrett A Morgan Biography Biography

Black Health Month

Asthma Sucks! 

Yes it does and so do other Respiratory issues like hayfever, sinus problems, general chest or head congestion, seasonal allergies, etc. 

A lot of respiratory issues even are caused by the air we breathe being toxic.  Air purifiers help.  And dust and clean your home on a regular basis.  God forbid the dust bunnies are keeping you and your family sick because there's no clean air to breathe.  Some of our allergies can be nipped in the bud by removing the triggers.  But for many you can't remove the triggers especially if it's from outside (i.e., pollen, cut grass, etc.).  But there are some things that can help.  ALJ is great for respiratory health.  Histablock works great to battle against allergens, pollutants, and toxins. 

And contrary to popular belief, being physically active (especially running around and playing for children) can decrease asthmatic episodes. 

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