Sunday, June 12, 2011

Are you ready to show off your feet this summer?

Ladies, are your toes Summer-Ready?  After a long cold winter I can bet your feet suffered from dryness and possible chafing.  Some people may even have a fungus problem where there is discoloration in the toenails or lots of itching especially between the toes.  Or they simply just may not be as pretty as you want to show them off in maybe a pair of these. 

It's not too late to get them ready.

Are you a girl with toes that are dry and chafed from the winter? 
Try a little shea butter in those dry areas.  Olive oil is great as well.  Also increase your intake of omega-3's and fatty acids in your diets.  It helps with dry skin.

Are you a girl who's tried the above and it didn't work?  Think you might have a fungal infection?
Silver Shield Gel from the Chicago Herb Shop is an all natural anti-fungal gel that will work wonders on getting rid of and preventing fungal infection on your feet.  It's a clear, odorless gel, without harsh chemicals or alcohol so it won't burn.  Men use it for athlete's foot, so you know if it works for their rough feet, it'll work on ours.  It retails for less than $25. 

Are you a girl whose nails don't grow, or your toes are brittle, thin or weak?
HSN-W from the Chicago Herb Shop strengthens the hair and nails, enhances skin tone, and supports structural health.  This retails for less than $20. 

With these tips your tootsies will be SummerTime ready in 2 weeks.