Monday, September 17, 2012

What's Your Health Grade?

       We are a little more than half through September.  This month is known for many different awareness campaigns:  Childhood Cancer Awareness; Healthy Aging; Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness; National Childhood Obesity Awareness; etc.  This list goes on and on.  Now I'm not trying to dog any of these campaigns. Please don't get me wrong.  They are all important and valid.  The problem is we just have so much to be aware of and not enough months in a year for each campaign to get their own.
     For those out there who don't feel they can relate to a particular campaign and don't just want to choose one randomly, you can think of September as you did when you were younger--Back to School Time.  Around Labor Day all schools have started back and what are you thinking about at this time?  GRADES!  People focus so hard on earning good grades in math and science and maybe even health class, but what about your personal health?

     That's the HEALTH GRADE we should remember to focus on as well.  Maybe if our physical health was graded just as our math and science courses are graded, do you think more people would try to earn an "A"?  I think we would.  Some people need to see something tangible and a course grade would do it.  They also need the accountability that is required to earn a good grade.  People need good teachers and mentors as well as "classmates" or partners.  Quizes and tests help.  And "group" or family projects would be a great way to make sure everyone has strong Health Grades.  

     We at the Chicago Herb Shop are willing to help you earn Great Health Grades this year.  In fact we have a line up of lessons for you to follow to make the cut.  Stay tuned for posted info of our first lesson!