Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Hot New Addiction

Did you know that nearly 90% of Americans consume some sort of caffeine every day, which makes it more addicting than any drug out there?

And just like other addictions you can go through caffeine withdrawal when you stop, but you never hear anyone in a rehab center for caffeine have you? 

Don't worry, caffeine isn't as bad as hard core illicit drugs, however it does cause jittery episodes for some. Even some people experience heart palpitations (a noticably abnormal heartbeat), and the dreaded "Caffeine Crash" after a few hours. 
"But I love my caffeine and I need it," you might say.  Many feel that way because they are running on fumes and need that energy between 12pm and 3pm everyday. So what do you do?  Go straight for the high amounts of caffeine found in coffee, pop, and popular sugary energy drinks.  Now that's going for the gusto! 

But wouldn't you like to nix the caffeine crash that's eminent after a few hours? 

Of course you would!  Why treat your body like a car with an almost dead battery everyday?  You realize that's all you're your body a "jump" 'til the battery dies again.


I get it! I get it!  Stop yelling!

Try this.....................................GUARANA!

It's a natural form a caffeine that is absorbed slowly and progressively (6-8 hours) so you get a feeling of well-being and awakening, instead of the "jump" without the "Caffeine Crash". 

And this Brazilian plant has been used by Amazon Indians for stress, fatigue, stimulating physical activity and the brain, an appetite suppressant, an anti-diarrheal, an analgesic for pain and for influenza. 

You can find Guarana in MetaboMax Plus and Solstic Energy