Monday, April 18, 2011

I am Stressed Out!

Like millions of Americans out here, I'm sure you get stressed time and time again just like I do.  And I'm sure you know that stress can wear and tear on your body.  It can negatively affect control of your weight, decrease your immune system,  may cause hair loss, fatigue, digestive issues, and more.  But here are some things you can try to combat stress in your life:

Take a P.M.H. Day (Personal Mental Health)
Just recently I took a Personal Mental Health Day after a long stressful weekend.  It was well needed too. 
1.  I slept in to catch up on sleep I missed over the weekend.
2.  I ate a hearty and healthy breakfast--eggs with cheese and onion and soy sausage wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.  Mmmmm :)
3.  Laughed!  That's very important to combat stress.
4.  Drank water (1/2 my body weight and that number in ounces to be exact).
5.  Did nothing (didn't run errands or do lots of work-related tasks).
6.  Took my vitamins.

My P.M.H. Day was a bit overdue.  I try to take an P.M.H. Day every once in a while.  It's good to do this, especially when you're stressed.  It's better to take a P.M.H. Day on a regular basis, not just when you're stressed.  You may not have time, or feel like planning a day off, but if it's already planned you may benefit more.  You need to recharge your batteries to reduce stress on a regular basis.

Now if you're not sure what vitamins to take specifically for stress, I would suggest you try Nutri-Calm to support the nervous system or Stress-J for occasional stress relief and aids proper digestion.